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Village Gossip, Entertainment & events

As already written, village gossip is not a swear word, but the honest interest in a togetherness. We still live these values in Großkirchheim and of course we want to pass them on to our guests.

Just listen to the conversations at the counter in the Postkastl or visit one of the numerous events here in town. You will be amazed at what Großkirchheim has to offer. 



in the Hohe Region 


The Hohe Tauern National Park Region and the National Park offer a wide range of events for young and old.


You can go on adventure tours through forests and mountains and bodies of water with the National Park Ranger and tinker with natural materials or learn tricks for surviving in the wilderness.

in Grosskirchheim

As the saying goes: "If four Carinthians stand together, then we already have a singing club." As in all of Carinthia, Großkirchheim is also characterized by lively club and cultural life.

Visit one of the many events and, above all, get the best insider tips from the host.

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